Purpose-Filled Living is TRUE SUCCESS

Life is strange right now, don’t you think? Some days it doesn’t feel quite real. One thing about having to stay home is that we have time to think, to plan, and to get started on making the changes we want to see in our lives.

Lately I’ve been thinking about success, and the many definitions of the word. For some, success is making a lot of money. For others, it’s raising their children and providing them with a good life. Many want to start businesses, finish school, help others, become doctors, or travel the world.

What does success mean to you?

Here’s what I think, Purpose-Filled Living is TRUE success. Get that? The result, the final destination is not the success we should seek. Should we still have that desired destination? Absolutely! That goal is what gives us purpose! So let’s get real today. Let’s live with purpose.

Our first step is to love ourselves as God loves us. Don’t get stuck on what other people think about you. If you take it to heart when your aunt says, “Girls don’t do that” or when a friend says, “But that’s not who you are!” you are letting their beliefs limit you. Go beyond what others think and look deep inside yourself. Look at the person God created you to become. Each of us are on this earth for a reason. We have a purpose.

Purpose-filled living provides clarity in a way that can’t be described. It allows you to see through a new lens that brings clarity to your personal and professional paths. Purpose-filled living aligns what we do and what God wants us to do with who we are.

So how do we live a purpose-filled life? How to we achieve that true success? When you embrace your God-given purpose, the Holy Spirit guides you and gives you a sense of peace about the steps you need to take. You move from a place of doing what others think you should do, to a place of doing that which brings fulfillment, progress, and joy.

Now don’t misunderstand me. Purpose-filled living doesn’t mean every day is easy, or that you’ll love every day. You are still going to face difficulty, have good days and bad days, and experience ups and downs.

The difference is you’ll know your WHY. Why you’re doing what you’re doing. That knowledge will bring you a peace and certainty you can’t experience any other way! You’ll know you’re on the right path, and with the Holy Spirit’s help you’ll know how to navigate the challenges you face.

When you find your purpose, you boost your confidence, overcome fear, and embrace the you God sees. The confident, successful individual living a purpose-filled life He knows you can become. That’s TRUE success.