Do you feel stuck, lack clarity, direction, accountability, and crave more meaning and fulfillment in your life? Are you looking for a tool to help you move on to the next phase of your life and leadership? Then this book is for you!

Countless female leaders around the world have already smashed the stained glass ceiling. Women of every age, color, and culture are breaking through into frontiers of uncharted territory, pursuing personal and professional accomplishment. Women must stop thinking their leadership needs to look the same as male leadership. It is time to disrupt and recreate the model of women in ministry leadership.

The strategy outlined in my book, Shattering The Stained Glass Ceiling: A Coaching Strategy for Women Leaders in Ministry, published with Influence Resources, equips female leaders to integrate spirituality into the practice of leadership and raise self awareness. Each female leader will be equipped to prepare for greater ministry effectiveness by building her core strengths from the inside out.

These equipped women leaders will elevate their futures. They will become women leaders of faith who are pioneering new roads by activating the unlimited potential of their gifts and talents. They will tear down barriers that previous generations of women could never have imagined.

What People are Saying about Shattering the Stained Glass Ceiling