Are you living your purpose in life?

Our desire to find our place or purpose in this life has led to a multi-million-dollar marketplace. We can buy books, fill out online surveys and tests to discover our talents, find our “true personality” through quizzes in magazines, take classes on goal setting and defining mission, attend seminars, or work with a life coach. Those items may help us learn more about ourselves, but they don’t help us Live with Purpose.

Purpose is from God and living that purpose leads to FREEDOM. He created each of us to live out our part in fulfilling His mission on earth, to bring humanity back into relationship with Him. That is the purpose we need to see and live out, and that purpose can’t be found in a personality quiz.

So why has God put each of us on this earth? How are we to understand the meaning of our existence? These are questions I’ve heard asked over and over by people all around me. In fact, I regularly have young women come in my office seeking guidance about Living their Purpose.

Want to know a secret?

We work too hard at it. The answer is so simple, in fact, that most people never find it, even though Jesus has already given us the answer!

Jesus wanted His disciples to understand their purpose. He wanted them to have no doubts about what He required of them. In John 15:4 He told them to, “Remain in Me.” Some versions of the Bible translate it as “Abide in Me.” This may be one of the most profound and beautiful commands in Scripture. In one phrase, He takes away all of the noise and complexity of life. Our purpose is to exist in HIM. When we do that, everything else falls in place.

Our meaning in life should come from Jesus. Period. Our confidence is found in Him. Our purpose and direction comes from Him. He is our source, our strength, our wisdom, and our satisfaction. When we Remain in Him, we are allowing him to guide our every decision, we are giving in to His will for our lives instead of trying to define and impose our own will. Why does that matter you ask? We can’t live out God’s purpose for our lives if we are living our OWN purpose!

What we need to understand is that it’s not about reaching a particular goal, or a desired end. What we often see as a process of growth and movement is what Jesus sees as our goal! His purpose is the process. The process, living our lives as a testament to Him, not the outcome, is what truly glorifies God.

So back to my original question. Are you living your purpose in life? Are you Abiding in Jesus? Are you living every moment of every day for Him? That’s how to find FREEDOM, my friend!