Doing What You’re Called to Do

Do you remember the story of Esther? It kind of has the feel of a fairy tale, doesn’t it? And like most fairy tales, it contains the Divine secrets of transformation inside the life and death story. God used the most unlikely girl to save His people from genocide. She could overcome life’s challenges because of His blessing and guidance.

Today, I want to encourage you with her story. Just as in Esther’s story, (1) your fate will be like that of the rest of the crowd, (2) God can and will replace you with someone else, (3) you could lose more than an opportunity, and (4) you might miss out on your mission in life. Let me explain.

First, your fate will be like that of the rest of the crowd. I know we all want to believe we are special and won’t have to take the risks of the generations before us. Sorry, friend, but that is a myth. If we aren’t willing to take risks, we can never expect to rise to the occasion. In Esther’s story, she was given the opportunity to intercede on behalf of her people. Mordecai reminded Esther that even though she was queen, she would fare no better than the rest of the Jews if she didn’t step forward and do what she was called to do.

Second, God will replace you with someone else if you don’t seize the opportunity. Vashti’s place was given to another (Esther). Mordecai reminded Esther that if she sat back and did nothing, GOD would accomplish His purposes with or without her. He wanted her to understand that if you are sitting on gifts, or opportunities, that God intends to be used for HIS purposes in the lives of those around you – and if you don’t use them for His purposes, God will get it done without you. When that happens, your sense of destiny will sit on the shelf. It’s possible that you will live and DIE and never fulfill your purpose, and never really experience happiness.

Third, you could lose more than just an opportunity. Esther could have lost more than a chance to do the right thing. The situation was so dire that she could have lost her life.  Although doing the right thing at the right time can seem risky, in the long run you will incur a greater risk by DOING NOTHING.

Finally, you could miss out on your mission in life. Mordecai speculated that if Esther failed to act on behalf of her people, she might miss out on God’s purpose for her life. You will never accomplish your mission by remaining idle.

God worked through one young woman to save the Jewish people from total annihilation.

In Esther’s situation, PREPARATION met OPPORTUNITY. She prepared for over a year for her opportunity to be queen. And it could have stopped there. She could have lived her life as a queen and turned her back on her people. Although that would likely have resulted in her death. Instead, she was blessed with success. SUCCESS happens when PREPARATION meets POTENTIAL. Never underestimate the potential of one encounter!

So are you willing to risk the good so you can reap the BEST? The key is to prepare, so that when you meet opportunity and potential, you too can have SUCCESS!