Connecting with Purpose

We are created by God to live in relationship, both with Him and with others. What an amazing blessing He has given us! That blessing, our relationships, comes to fruition when we make and maintain loving connections with others.

God created us to be in community with others. We are a community of believers. Part of the family of God. We are created as His children to be in relationship with Him and with those around us. Even the introverts among us!

Part of being a community is connecting with others. And connecting with PURPOSE can propel you to a better future. It’s actually more important than you might realize. Studies show that loneliness increases an individual’s risk for high blood pressure, heart disease, cognitive problems, and other health issues.

But what do I mean by connecting? Connecting is a range of activities that focus on creating and sustaining connections with others.

That sounds technical, but it can be boiled down to focusing on others as you communicate with them. This might happen through active listening, empathy, compassion, shared activities, through your leadership, or through reaching out to the other person.

Sound familiar? None of us operates alone. You need that connection with others if you want to live your life to the fullest. The act of connecting links you to others. What you need are specific actions you can take to ensure connectivity happens!

An attitude of servant leadership is the first thing you need to enhance and improve your ability to connect with others in a constructive, purposeful, and meaningful way. When you purposefully become a servant leader, the focus of your life shifts to the development of altruism, emotional healing, wisdom, support, and stewardship.

This foundation facilitates empowerment and capability development, leading to a sense of community and an alignment of goals within your family, your close friend circles, in your workplace, and even in your new relationships.

Life isn’t an individualistic pursuit! You are taking part in an interactive process involving hands-on action, and you must attempt to include all participants. Communicating, listening, integrating viewpoints, taking action, and building trust are all critical to your success and your personal growth.

So are you ready to accept your role as a servant leader to meet the needs of those around you? If you are, you will connect with others more deeply than you could have imagined! Start with this personal affirmation:

“What I make happen for others, God will make happen for me!”