Dr. Robyn Wilkerson is the wife of Pastor Rich Wilkerson, the Co-Pastor of Trinity Church in Miami, Florida, and a Life Coach with a passion for helping women reach their fullest potential. Robyn received her call to ministry at the age of 12. A series of life-changing encounters with God as a young adult confirmed Robyn’s call to full-time ministry.

Robyn’s gift for teaching, combined with her flare for staying on the cutting edge of ministry, makes her tremendously effective in all aspects of ministry—including coaching, teaching, preaching, and the administration of a cross-cultural, faith-based, social service ministry. With the goal of finding new methods for helping those around her, Robyn completed her Doctor of Ministry degree at Evangel University. She is using her acquired skills and knowledge to coach women and help them grow and succeed in their personal and professional lives!

The God-given gift Robyn possesses for teaching the Bible has flourished through television appearances and speaking engagements. This gift also helps her to guide women as they delve deeper into their relationship with God, allowing them to find the passion He has placed in their lives. Her energetic and passionate style of ministry fervently declares God’s Word and its power to change lives.

Robyn has a heart for helping women find their fullest potential as they pursue the path God has set before them. As a coach, she enables leaders (especially female leaders) as they move from where they are to where they want to be in leadership and their personal lives. Her goal is always to promote forward movement in the lives of others, helping them discover their true path.

Robyn and Rich have been married for 51 years! Together they have four sons, three daughters-in-law, and nine beautiful grandbabies.


Jonfulton (JF) and Ashley
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