Your Year to Thrive!

This is Your Year to Thrive!

As a woman, you need to have a strong sense of mission in every part of your life. Being an excellent mother requires a commitment to mission. Staying married when our culture gives permission to give up on family solidarity necessitates personal mission. Persevering in your calling will demand that your mission is crystal clear to you. God created a mission for you to help you flourish and thrive.

Knowing your mission, keeping it at the forefront of your life, enables you to push yourself to the edge of your capacity, and then farther. Without meaning, work is an endurance test between vacations. With mission comes a sense of meaning that makes any job a calling. Deploying your greatest strengths into the achievement of a meaningful purpose brings the energy you need to break through everyday goals, opening your life to long-lasting, sustainable happiness and satisfaction.

Do you know your mission? Do you have a dream given to you by God? Commit to your dream today! The way to do that is by setting goals. Goals are dreams with deadlines. So how do you start? By being specific. The clearer and more vividly you visualize a goal, the easier it becomes to achieve or acquire it. If possible, envision yourself accomplishing the goal. Role-play yourself doing it. Close your eyes and imagine how it feels to realize that goal.

Can you feel it? Now sit down and start writing.

First, ask yourself “what needs to be done?” instead of “what should I do first?”

Asking this focuses your attention on how you are contributing to your mission, rather than just focusing on an activity that is for your benefit alone. You will likely have more than one answer to this question, and that is okay. As you proceed you will start to focus your goals.

Second, ask yourself “where can I contribute best?”

This question helps you look at what you are passionate about, your strengths, your interests, and what you want to do. When you have more than one answer to the first question, your answers to this question will help you choose the one(s) that is most in line with your interests, skills, and strengths.

Third Ask “what are the limitations?”

The point of the order of these questions is to start big. Dream without boundaries first, then ask how you are equipped by God to achieve those dreams. At this third stage, you are identifying what might limit your dreams. But don’t let these limits tie you in just yet!

Now aim high and forge ahead!


This isn’t the time to tie yourself into a narrow path of action. Don’t settle for doing something just as much as you have to. You need to be fully committed to the process of achieving your dreams! Aim for the highest possible outcome and make big, but achievable plans on how to get there. And remember that you aren’t achieving these goals on your own, you have the power of God on your side. And if God is for you, what could possibly be against you?

2018 is going to be a great year for you! This is your year of achieving goals, fulfilling dreams, and taking definite steps toward fulfilling your mission.