What situation in your life could benefit from forward movement if you were willing to open your mind?


Your beliefs unconsciously direct you in your moment-by-moment choices and actions. It’s true! What you believe drives your viewpoint and your mindset in every situation. That means your beliefs actually become self-fulfilling prophecies in your life. Your beliefs shape your perceptions, your perceptions define your experience, and you find meaning in your life from your experiences. This process is often called a “Self-fulfilling Prophecy.”


Self-fulfilling prophecies have been called the “Pygmalion effect,” a term derived from a play that later became the Broadway musical My Fair Lady. In the story, Professor Henry Higgins won a bet to prove his opinion that nurture was more powerful than nature. To make his case, he located a crude, unrefined young woman named Eliza Doolittle. With his coaching, she transformed from a street urchin to a charming, enchanting beauty. The fictional story presents how our self-perception, or who we think we are, is a prime basis for how we will experience life. We behave according to who we believe we should be.

Not only does what we believe about ourselves impact our destiny, what we believe about others affects their behavior, even without their knowledge. Your thoughts, about yourself and others, have power. If your thoughts are holding you back, or negatively affecting your relationship with someone else, then

It’s time to reframe.

Reframing is the act of changing your perspective on how you experience events, ideas, concepts, or emotions so you can find the most valuable positive alternative for the purpose of moving ahead, adapting, and implementing solutions for achieving goals. Being able to choose to see a different perspective is essential to problem solving, decision making, and new learning.

Thoughts are things, and they become your reality. If you want to change your life, you first have to change your reality. We each have the ability to choose our thoughts and think things on purpose. In other words, you don’t have to think about

whatever falls into your mind. This is a life-changing revelation! As Proverbs 23:7 (AMP) says, “As [a person] thinks in his heart, so is he.” We say it like this: Where the mind goes, your life will follow.

God is concerned about the hidden heart of the human, the inner life, what we think about. That’s why we need to think about what we’re thinking about. If we don’t learn how to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ (see 2 Corinthians 10:4–5), we won’t live the life Jesus died to give us. Christ offers a life of peace with God, peace with ourselves, great relationships, real joy, and the ability to become all God created us to be. It comes down to choosing to believe what

God says (the truth) more than we believe our feelings, what other people say, or our circumstances.

To find the answers to the obstacles you are facing in your life, are you willing to change your thinking and turn your mindset inside out? By reframing, you can summon all your cognitive, intellectual, and emotional resources to create positive change because you believe that positive change is possible. To move forward, you can increase your power to reframe every part of your life on the positive pathway toward your solution.

So I’ll ask you once again: What situation in your life could benefit from forward movement if you were willing to open your mind?