Reframing to Create Lasting, Powerful Change

Be careful how you think; your life is shaped by your thoughts. (Prov. 4:23, GNT)

Your Thoughts Matter!

Did you know your beliefs unconsciously direct you in your moment-by-moment choices and actions? What you believe drives your viewpoint and your mindset in every situation. That means your beliefs actually become self-fulfilling prophecies in your life.

Self-fulfilling prophecies have been called the “Pygmalion effect,” a term derived from a play that later became the Broadway musical My Fair Lady. This fictional story shows how self-perception, who we think we are, is a prime basis for how we will experience life. We behave according to who we believe we should be.

So what do we do when we face a difficult situation and can see no positive side to the issue? There is no way you or I can predict the challenges we will face in our lives, and usually our priorities will change as we go on. But just as we shape our lives with our thoughts, our reactions to those challenges can alter the outcome. If your thoughts are holding you back, or negatively affecting your relationship with someone else, then it’s time to reframe.

When you reframe, you change your perspective on how you experience events, ideas, concepts, or emotions so you can find the most valuable positive alternative for the purpose of moving ahead, adapting, and implementing solutions for achieving goals. Being able to choose to see a different perspective is essential to problem solving, decision making, and new learning.

Your thoughts are things, and they become your reality. If you want to change your life, you first have to change your reality. We each have the ability to choose our thoughts and think things on purpose. In other words, you don’t have to think about whatever falls into your mind. As Proverbs 23:7 (AMP) says, “As [a person] thinks in his heart, so is he.” You could also say it like this: Where the mind goes, your life will follow.

Reframing Your Thoughts

Whatever situation you may be facing, if you are ready to reframe then start with this affirmation:

As I turn my thinking around, I break free in a new direction toward the solution.

Understanding how the brain works can help you grow in every area of your life. Quantum physics has proven that the observation process itself changes the properties of the atoms being studied. Since our brains contain billions of neurons made of subatomic components, it makes sense that this principle would also hold true for human particles. In other words, observing your thinking, your calling, and your internal self-talk, will have a profound effect on your development.

Thinking is actually a complex chemical process inside the cells of your brain called neurons. The neurons transmit information by firing electrical impulses through synapses. As you learn to think in new ways the connections between the neurons become stronger and the synapses are reinforced. “Cells that fire together, wire together.”

Your every thought is an electrochemical reaction. Each thought stimulates chemicals in magnificently complex electromagnetic waves that would sound like the most exquisite symphony if you could hear them. The brain, the magnificent control center God created, is said to be the most complex organic structure in the universe. Reframing, reworking those chemical reactions and rewiring the connections, changes your perspective to find a more positive alternative that will help you move ahead, adapt, and implement solutions for achieving goals. Choosing a different perspective is essential to problem-solving, decision-making, and learning.

By reframing, you can summon all your cognitive, intellectual, and emotional resources to create positive change because you believe that positive change is possible. No one can know the story inside your thoughts, but even if your thoughts are negative today you can switch your toxic thinking to positive power thoughts!

Start by reading through the following questions, thinking about how they apply to your life today, meditating on the impact of your answers, and praying for God to show you where you need change. Don’t rehash yesterday-ask these questions with future solutions in mind.

  1. When you are confronted with challenges, how do you focus on a solution?
  2. Are you acting on faith or fear?
  3. What obstacles do you see in your way?
  4. What steps could you take immediately that would make the greatest difference in your current situation?
  5. How do your thoughts make your life more stressful, or less stressful?
  6. What changes need to take place in your thinking?
  7. Your focused attention is your mindset. How can you make your mindset a positive, creative force?
  8. What do you participate in that is toxic to your mindset?
  9. What is the first change you would like to make to be fully satisfied with your life?
  10. For you to be truly happy, what would you have to change?


To find the answers to the obstacles you are facing in your life, you must be willing to change your thinking and turn your mindset inside out. By reframing, you can summon all your cognitive, intellectual, and emotional resources to create positive change because you believe that positive change is possible. To move forward, you can increase your power to reframe every part of your life on the positive pathway toward your solution.