Move Forward

I can still, very clearly, remember the day my youngest son, Taylor got in the car and drove to his first day of his last year of high school! This was the last “first day of school” for me. No more shopping for school supplies, backpacks, or lunch boxes. At 18 years old, he looked so handsome in his red, navy, and khaki school uniform. I kissed him, told him that he had brought me more joy in life than I could describe … and felt so overwhelmed with God’s providence. I have been so blessed to have four incredible boys.

That day I entered into the transition in life that bridges motherhood to the “empty nest.” As I watched him drive away, I wondered, “What am I supposed to do now?”

Stepping into the unknown is always scary … and always demands more from me than I ever think I can give. It made me think about a story:

Have you heard about the frog that was born at the bottom of a well? He thought life couldn’t get any better till one day he looked up and saw daylight. Climbing up to investigate he was amazed to find a large pond and he quickly jumped in to enjoy his newfound opportunity. Going further, he discovered a lake that was even bigger. When eventually he came to the ocean and all he could see was water, it dawned on him just how limited his thinking had been! He had believed that everything he needed for life was down inside that well, but in fact, that little well was only a drop in the bucket compared to all that was out there for him to enjoy!

Wouldn’t you like to step out in faith, experience new depths in Him and go where you’ve never been before? Maybe you are living today in your own little “well”—reluctant to leave your comfort zone, settling for a limited and safe existence while God has rivers deep enough “to swim in.” Remember, the enemy will do everything he can to keep you focused on your background, your lack of formal education, your appearance, and your limited resources.

It doesn’t matter whether you are short of money, people, energy, or time. When God invites us to step out into our destiny, He will always challenge us with a vision that is greater than our present resources! Fear cannot limit our vision, because when God is our source, His supply is UNLIMITED! One idea from Him, just one, can change your life and the lives of others. He has great things in store for you today – so start thinking outside the box!

I figured out what to do by the way. I went back to school, earned my master’s degree, and my doctoral degree. It is NEVER too late to MOVE FORWARD.

That handsome young man from the beginning of this post married a beautiful young woman and they are on their own journey toward more than they can imagine.

Now it’s your turn to MOVE FORWARD. He will meet you in tomorrow! Life in on our hands … He has given us the power to choose. God’s Will is that all of us step into the destiny that He has designed for us! HIS WILL IS OUR HIGHEST PRIORITY.