God Bless Mom!

“Get out of bed Robyn! For heaven’s sake, why are you still in that bed? This is the third time I’ve called you, and it’s the last time. If you don’t get up, I’m coming in there to get you up myself!” 

I was exhausted, and the last thing I wanted to do was get up early and go, so in my whiny voice I answered, “Mom, why won’t you just leave me alone? I don’t want to go!” 

As the sleep fell away from my consciousness, I struggled to sit up and pull myself out of bed. This time, I shouted down the hall so she could hear me, “Hey Mom here’s a question. Why do I have to go church again?”

Before I could get to my feet, my little, five-foot Norwegian mom bounded into my room, laughing, and roared at me, “Because you’re the pastor! That’s why! Now get ready!” Mom was visiting us in Miami, and I was late for church.


Moms never stop being moms.

You can be 50 years old and your mother will still ask if you are eating right, are you getting enough sleep, and she will still tell you what to do when you are in the same place together. God bless Mom!

We need the voice of a mother in our lives. Mothers nurture us, guide us, coddle us when we need it, correct us when we veer off the right path, and become a steadying force in our lives. When I remember my childhood, I remember my mom as ever steady, always ready with a solution to every situation, and that constant support made me feel solid and strong inside. I never doubted my call in life because she instilled in me to listen for God’s voice and believe it. When I had doubts as a new mother she offered advice when I asked and told me I was created to be a mother. When my little Graham fell sick as a baby she insisted I rush him to the hospital, ultimately saving his life. My feisty, tiny, Norwegian mom is and has always been my rock.

My mom faced a major health scare at the end of last year, and I was afraid we were going to lose her. Her body became paralyzed, and she was unable to do anything for herself, but her spirit remained strong. When my niece, who was unable to come to the hospital, did a video call and sang a hymn to Mom, tears ran down her face and she worshiped even when she couldn’t move. I will never forget that moment of seeing my rock, my mom, completely still for the first time in my life, but still worshiping Jesus with all of her heart.

This weekend is Mother’s Day.

We will have special services honoring mothers across the country. Greeting cards will fly off of the shelf, stores have displays of jewelry and “mom” gifts, and florists are doing a booming business. A day set aside to honor the women who gave us life and guided us has largely turned into a commercial holiday.

I want to challenge you to truly honor your mom this weekend. Hug her or call her up. Tell her that you appreciate and value her contributions to your life. Tell her how her example has guided you and helped you become the person you are. Make an effort to show her how much she means to you. Flowers and cards and treats are good too, but don’t miss out on the opportunity to give honor where honor is due.

Your “mother” may or may not have been your biological mother. She may have been a grandmother who raised you, or teacher who spoke into your life each day, or a woman who loved and mentored you when you really needed that mother’s voice. But on this weekend, and as often as you can throughout the year, take the time to honor that woman and the impact she has had on your life.

Thank you, Jesus, for all of the amazing mothers in this world, and for those women who are willing to step in and mother when there is a gap. Thank you for my mother, who helped shape me into a woman of God, a leader, a mother, and prepared me for a solid marriage. Thank you for lessons learned, kissed boo boos, sage advice, and the warmth and love in a mother’s smile. Thank you, Lord, for creating mothers to share Your love with us all!