Connect Group

Thank you for choosing to be part of my connect group! In the next twelve weeks, we will work through my book, Shattering the Stained Glass Ceiling, together and learn how to break the barriers that are holding you back in life!


As women, I believe the time has passed to look for reasons why we are marginalized based on our ethnicity or gender. We must grab hold of exciting new opportunities by preparing ourselves for the leadership roles each of us have the opportunity to fulfill.


To accomplish our mission, we will take hold of the responsibilities of personal development and the disciplines of spiritual formation. By leveraging our strengths, we can step into places of leadership—without reservation!


The first thing I would like you to do is join our private Facebook group and introduce yourself! Click here to Join Group. Tell us your name, a little about yourself, and if you wish please share some of the barriers you want to break through in your life.