Building With The End In Mind

Big Beginnings Have you ever started something and then you didn’t finish it well? I recently cleaned out a big storage box in my garage. There, in a shoebox, I found the embroidery project I had started years ago. I remember wanting to embroider my pillow cases with custom designs. It seemed so easy and […]

Fifteen Traits of Servant Leaders

Review of ‘Inside Out’ by Rich and Robyn Wilkerson

by George P. Wood  

inside-out-book-mockup-1024x942What qualities characterize extraordinary leaders, ones who make a decisive impact on the lives of their followers? Often, we turn to the rich, powerful, and famous to answer these questions, under the assumption that leadership requires prominence of that sort. But as Rich and Robyn Wilkerson point out in their new book, everyday people often make the most extraordinary leaders.

The Wilkersons copastor Trinity Church, a multicultural, Assemblies of God megachurch in Miami, Florida. They also cofounded the Peacemakers Family Center, an innovative, award-winning social service organization ministering to the urban poor. Inside Out is a book about “the why and how of servant leadership,” whose stories and principles are largely drawn from their work in pastoral ministry and social service … Read more

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Vital Magazine Interview

inside-out-book-mockup-1024x942Rich and I talked with Vital magazine about Inside Out and how its message impacts every sphere of life. That conversation turned into an article, “The Everyday Leader,” which appeared in the January/February edition of Vital, available online now! Read “The Everyday Leader.”

Mirror Mirror On the Wall … WHO IS THE FAIREST OF THEM ALL?

I’ve heard it from every woman I’ve gone shopping with. When we get in the dressing room and try on that bathing suit or dress, we stare in the mirror, groan, and say, “I DON’T LIKE HOW I LOOK IN THAT MIRROR.” Mirrors are a part of EVERY woman’s life! We start looking in reflective […]